CS629. Photo credit: Wendy Szaniszlo, 2013.

CS629. Photo credit: Wendy Szaniszlo, 2013.


aka CS564 (number no longer in use)

Sightings History

Record Month Day Year Photographer Location Behavior Associate Notes
812Sep32012W SzaniszloBarkley SoundLone
879Jun122013W SzaniszloBarkley SoundLone
880Jun282013W SzaniszloBarkley SoundLone
881Aug22013W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 2
882Aug252013W SzaniszloBarkley Sound2 of 4
883Aug312013W SzaniszloBarkley SoundLone
884Sep142013W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 2
1195Jun302019M SawyerClayoquot SoundTravel west to east, lunge feeding1 of 2, other not ID'd
1196Jul82019M SawyerClayoquot SoundLunge feedingLone
1197Jul82019M SawyerClayoquot SoundtravelingLone, traveling slowly east
1239Jul82019M SawyerClayoquot SoundCS6611 of 3
1198Jul92019M SawyerClayoquot SoundOne cartwheel, fluking and divingLone
1199Jul222019A HoylandBarkley SoundCS274, CS3721 of 3
1194Aug42019M SawyerBarkley SoundBreathing and flukingBCYuk2019#7Pair
1200Aug42019M SawyerBarkley SoundCS372Pair
1229Aug52019A HoylandBarkley SoundCS274Pair
1230Aug62019K ArnettBarkley SoundFluking, tail lobbingCS372Pair
1231Aug152019K ArnettBarkley SoundLunge feeding, flukingLone
1240Aug182019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingLone, traveling in circles
1232Aug222019K ArnettBarkley SoundFlukingCS372Pair
1233Sep62019A HoylandBarkley SoundTravelingCS372Pair, swimming closely side by side
1234Sep62019A HoylandBarkley SoundCS372Pair, still close together
1235Sep152019M SawyerBarkley SoundCS372Pair, close together, circling, no direction of travel.
1236Sep152019M SawyerBarkley SoundCS372Pair, same behavior as earlier: close together, circling, no direction of travel.
1237Sep252019M Sawyer, A HoylandBarkley SoundLunge feedingLone, lunge feeding repeatedly while traveling in west
1238Nov132019A HoylandBarkley SoundFlukingCS372Pair, fluking, no direction of travel