CS48. Photo credit: Jason Feaver. 2006.

CS48. Photo credit: Jason Feaver. 2006.


Nickname: Foggy. Female. DFO ID: BCY0466. AKA CS196 (number no longer in use).

Sightings History

Record Month Day Year Photographer Location Behavior Associate Notes
91Jul81998P SchulzeClayoquot Sound
921998L HilbertClayoquot Sound
93Sep42005W SzaniszloBarkley Sound
94Jun212006J FeaverClayoquot Sound
95Jun222006P SchulzeClayoquot Sound
369Aug42007W SzaniszloClayoquot Sound
96Jul182009J DarlingClayoquot SoundCS372Cow of calf CS372
97Aug62011W SzaniszloBarkley Sound
1193Aug42019M SawyerBarkley SoundBreathing & flukingCS274pair
1210Aug52019A HoylandBarkley SoundCS372pair
1211Aug72019K ArnettBarkley Soundin a pair, then joined another pair
1212Aug112019M SawyerBarkley SoundCS372pair, surfacing and diving in tandem
1213Aug122019A HoylandBarkley SoundFeedingCS372pair
1214Aug122019A HoylandBarkley SoundFeedingCS274pair
1223Aug122019K ArnettBarkley SoundTravelingCS274pair, traveling
1224Aug122019K ArnettBarkley SoundCS274pair, traveling
1215Aug132019K ArnettBarkley SoundCS274pair
1225Aug132019K ArnettBarkley SoundCS274pair
1216Aug142019K ArnettBarkley SoundTravelingCS274pair, traveling quickly
1217Aug182019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS126, CS372when 1nm north, cartwheeled then breached, then joined pair
1226Aug182019K ArnettBarkley SoundTraveling, restingCS126, CS372trio, traveling south, slowly, "right on top of eah other, seemingly stopping to rest against each other at times"
1218Sep72019A HoylandBarkley SoundTravelingCS274swimming closely together, north
1219Sep82019A HoylandBarkley SoundTravelingCS274traveling very slowly (<3kts) side by side
1227Sep152019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS274later in day, pair, traveling north
1220Sep152019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS274pair, traveling north
1221Sep252019M Sawyer, A HoylandBarkley SoundTravelingCS274pair
1222Nov132019A HoylandBarkley SoundFlukingCS274pair