CS372. Photo credit: Ashley Hoyland, Jamie's Whaling Station, 2019.

CS372. Photo credit: Ashley Hoyland, Jamie's Whaling Station, 2019.


Nickname: Props. Calf of CS48 Foggy in 2009.

aka CS328, CS460 (numbers no longer in use). aka CRC-15452.

Seen off Lahaina, Maui on 31 January 2019 (Happy Whale)

Injured by a boat strike off Bamfield in the summer of 2019.

Sightings History

Record Month Day Year Photographer Location Behavior Associate Notes
560Jul182009J DarlingClayoquot SoundCS48Calf of CS48
609Jun102010P SchulzeClayoquot SoundLone
610Aug132011W SzaniszloBarkley Sound2 of 3
611Aug302011W SzaniszloBarkley SoundLone
701Jul182011W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 3
702Aug192012W SzaniszloBarkley Sound2 of 3
Private: 1188July92019A HoylandBarkley SoundRecent scarring observed. Often seen with CS274 Pinky.
1263Jul172019K ArnettBarkley SoundFlukingCS274Pair, lots of surface time, fluking, short 2-3 minute dives
1264Jul222019A HoylandBarkley SoundCS274, CS629Trio. Injuries observed on CS372 (within last 3 wks). In close association with other whales.
1281Jul282019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS274Pair. CS372 Fluking rarely. Side by side. Northbound.
1282Jul282019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS274Pair. CS372 fluking rarely. Side by side. Southbound.
1283Aug42019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundCS629Pair. No fluking.
1285Aug52019Ashley HoylandBarkley SoundCS48Pair. With mother.
1286Aug62019Karyssa ArnettBarkley SoundFluking, tail lobbingCS629Pair
1287Aug62019Karyssa ArnettBarkley SoundPair
1288Aug112019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundSurfacing and diving in tandemCS126Pair
1294Aug112019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundFlukingCS126CS372 and CS126 still side by side. More South in Trevor Channel than earlier. Multiple breaths and then a fluke.
1295Aug112019Karyssa ArnettBarkley SoundFlukingCS126Pair. Fluking, long dives.
1296Aug182019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundCS126, CS274, CS48CS372, CS126 & CS274 tight together. CS274 left, heading toward Satellite Passage. CS48 arrived from further North and joined CS372 and CS126. Just before joining, when around 1nm away, CS48 cartwheeled then breached.
1297Aug182019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundTraveling, RestingCS126, CS48The three remaining individuals from Encounter 1: CS48, CS126 and CS372. Travelling right on top of each other, seemingly stopping to rest against each other at times. Trending South very slowly.
1298Aug192019Ashley HoylandBarkley SoundDivingLone. Slow moving, 7-8 minute dives.
1299Aug222019Karyssa ArnettBarkley SoundFlukingCS6292 pairs ~500m apart. 1 pair is CS372 and CS629, second pair is CS274 and another un-photographed individual. Lots of fluking.
1300Sep62019Ashley HoylandBarkley SoundTravelingCS629Pair. Swimming closely side by side.
1301Sep62019Ashley HoylandBarkley SoundCS629Pair. Still close together.
1302Sep152019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundCirclingCS629Pair. Tight to each other. Multiple breaths and a fluke from each. No direction of travel. Circling around.
1303Sep152019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundCircling.CS629Pair. Same behaviour as earlier, in almost the exact same place.
1304Nov132019Ashley HoylandBarkley SoundFlukingCS274, CS48, CS6294 animals, in two pairs. No direction of travel. Fluking.