CS274. Photo credit: Peter Schulze, 2008.

CS274. Photo credit: Peter Schulze, 2008.


Nickname: Pinky. DFO ID: BCY0452.
aka CS685 (number no longer used)

Sightings History

Record Month Day Year Photographer Location Behavior Associate Notes
479Jul22008P SchulzeClayoquot Sound
480Aug262008W SzaniszloBarkley Sound
481Jul32010W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 4
482Jul122010W SzaniszloBarkley Sound2 of 2
483Jul132010W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 3
484Jul172010W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 2
485Jul152011W SzaniszloBarkley Sound2 of 2
486Jul192011W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 3
487Aug62011W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 3
488Aug232011W SzaniszloBarkley SoundLone
489Aug52012W SzaniszloBarkley Sound2 of 4
490Aug182012W SzaniszloBarkley SoundLone
491Aug232012J DarlingClayoquot SoundLone
492Sep222012W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 2
493Oct222012W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 2
494Oct242012W SzaniszloBarkley Sound1 of 2
1190July142019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingMoving slow, short dives
1241Jul172019K ArnettBarkley SoundFlukingCS372Pair, lots of surface time, short dives
1242Jul222019A HoylandBarkley SoundTravelingCS372, CS629Trio, closely associated, CS372 has propellar wounds (within past 3 wks)
1189July282019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS372Pair, side by side, occasional pec slaps from CS372 (injured whale). CS274 fluking consistently, CS372 fluking rarely.
1243Jul282019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS372Second sighting. Same behavior: side by side, occasional pec slaps from CS372 (injured whale). CS274 fluking consistently, CS372 fluking rarely.
1192Aug42019M SawyerBarkley SoundBreathing & flukingCS48Pair
1244Aug42019M SawyerBarkley SoundFluking & divingCS48Second sighting. Pair.
1245Aug52019A HoylandBarkley SoundCS629Pair
1246Aug112019M SawyerBarkley SoundCS48Pair, surfacing and diving in tandem
1247Aug122019A HoylandBarkley SoundFeedingCS48Pair, feeding side by side
1248Aug122019A HoylandBarkley SoundTravelSlow travel north
1249Aug122019K ArnettBarkley SoundTravelingCS48
1250Aug122019K ArnettBarkley SoundTravelingCS48
1251Aug132019K ArnettBarkley SoundCS48Pair
1252Aug132019K ArnettBarkley SoundCS48Pair
1253Aug142019K ArnettBarkley SoundTravelingCS48Pair, traveling south, quickly, close to shore
1254Aug182019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS372, CS126Trio, tight together, then CS274 left
1255Aug182019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelLone, traveling west
1256Aug222019K ArnettBarkley SoundFlukingPair, second whale not ID'd
1257Sep72019A HoylandBarkley SoundTravelingCS48Pair, traveling north
1258Sep82019A HoylandBarkley SoundTravelingCS48Pair, traveling slowly (<3 kts) north, side by side
1259Sep152019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS48Pair, traveling north
1260Sep152019M SawyerBarkley SoundTravelingCS48Pair, still traveling north
1261Sep252019M Sawyer, A HoylandBarkley SoundTravelingCS48Pair, traveling north, tight together
1262Nov132019A HoylandBarkley SoundFlukingCS48Pair, no direction of travel