CS178. Photo credit: Jim Darling. 2017.

CS178. Photo credit: Jim Darling. 2017.


DFO ID: BCY0462. AKA CS448 (number no longer used).

Sightings History

Record Month Day Year Photographer Location Behavior Associate Notes
342Jun152007R FrankClayoquot SoundCS1762 of 2
343Oct122009P SchulzeClayoquot Sound
691Jun262011P SchulzeClayoquot SoundLone
1175Jun202017A FrankHerbert Inlet, Clayoquot Sound
1177June202017M SawyerHerbert Inlet, Clayoquot SoundTail-lobbed for 4-5 minutes, breached twice, lunge feedingLone
1176Jun252017J DarlingSydney Inlet, Clayoquot SoundLunge feedingLone
1305Sep72019Ashley HoylandBarkley SoundLunge feedingTrio. Three generations together. CS178 is grandmother. With mother and calf. Occasional lunge feeding.
1327Oct222019Gary SuttonCenter Island, Nootka SoundWith calf.