CS126. Photo credit: Mark Sawyer, 2019.

CS126. Photo credit: Mark Sawyer, 2019.


aka CS185 (number no longer in use)

Sightings History

Record Month Day Year Photographer Location Behavior Associate Notes
260May212006P SchulzeClayoquot Sound
1316Jun142007P SchulzeClayoquot Sound
1317Aug262007E BeauchampClayoquot Sound
1318Aug262007R OrrClayoquot Sound
1319Aug182008W SzaniszloClayoquot Sound
1204winter2018Matched by Happy WhaleMaui
1289Aug112019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundSurfacing and diving in tandemCS372Pair
1290Aug112019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundFlukingCS372Pair. Side by side. More southerly location in Trevor Channel than previous sighting. Multiple breaths then fluke.
1291Aug112019Karyssa ArnettBarkley SoundFlukingCS372Pair. Long dives.
1292Aug182019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundCS274, CS372, CS48CS372, CS126 & CS274 tight together. CS274 left, heading toward Satellite Passage. CS48 arrived from further North and joined CS372 and CS126. Just before joining, when around 1nm away, CS48 cartwheeled then breached.
1293Aug182019Mark SawyerBarkley SoundTraveling, RestingCS372, CS48Trio. The three remaining individuals from Encounter 1: CS48, CS126 and CS372. Travelling right on top of each other, seemingly stopping to rest against each other at times. Trending South very slowly.